Male Dominated Industry! Yes! True!

By - August 01, 2015 - 06:06 PM IST

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Certain issues in the society are becoming quite sensitive and sometimes they tend to go overboard. One such issue is the element of women’s liberty and their strong urge to prove themselves as better than men. Keeping that debate aside, there is one universal fact that all accept.

This is about the entertainment industry and that it is male dominated. This is not just about Bollywood but even Tollywood. Every day, there is a constant hunt for a new beauty with a fair skin and even if that person is from a foreign country who has no clue about the language or culture, she is taken.

However, when compared to heroines, not many heroes are that great looking but then there is not much choice. Ultimately, the heroes are chosen from the existing ones and adjusted. That way, the choice for female audience is very minimal but for male audience it is beyond any geographical boundaries.

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