My brother-in-law Jayadev gave me the idea: Mahesh Babu

By - August 01, 2015 - 10:24 PM IST

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Prince Mahesh Babu has been evolving not only as a brilliant actor but also choosing different films with every new project. Though his experimental films like 1-Nenokkadine didn’t give him the expected results, it established him as an actor with great caliber. After that debacle he came forward with an entertainer Aagadu which also left him disappointed. But the unnerved actor is all set to entertain audience with latest offering Srimanthudu which claims to be a family entertainer. Here is an iQlik chitchat with the Superstar on that occasion!

Hello Mahesh.. congratulations on your new film Srimanthudu!
Hi..thanks a lot!

Please tell us about this anticipated Srimanthudu which is releasing on 7th August..
Usually the word Srimanthudu would evoke an idea of hero having rich and luxurious life but this film breaks all such clichés. Srimanthudu is a simple film and the title is perfect apt for the story. The moment I heard the title, I immediately wanted it to be confirmed.

You seem to be actively involved in promotions more than ever this time?
Yes. I believe that Srimanthudu has a good story and content which should be reaching more audiences. For that, active promotion is a must.

Is it because you have also ventured into production for the first time?
Well, I’ve been co-producing many of my earlier films but my name wasn’t credited. I usually take similar care for all my films.

We are seeing an evolved Mahesh Babu as a dancer of late with your groovy dance moves. How much of it can be seen in Srimanthudu? Did you take any special care for better moves?
I usually try my level best to make my dance look best. In fact, it is not only with dance but also about performance and looks. Raju Sundaram Master did a wonderful job for this film.

The song Chaaruseela has been rocking the charts now. Your dance moves were great too! Please tell us about the extra effort you put in to look more stylish in it! How did the idea of Srimanthudu releasing in Tamil come into picture?
To tell the truth, I didn’t think of releasing it in Tamil until a month ago. It was my cinematographer R.Madhi who urged me to dub in Tamil as the film would have great appeal there, and it is when everything began.
If Srimanthudu does have such appeal, did you consider dubbing it in Hindi?
I seriously didn’t think of dubbing it in Hindi as I personally feel it has more significance to South Indian living.

Are you planning to enter Bollywood anytime in the near future?
Well, no! I don’t have time to do Telugu films itself and where would I get time for a Bollywood flick (Smiles)? I take one year to complete each film and if I get into Hindi meanwhile, it would be three years for me to come up with a new Telugu film. I don’t like to stay away from Tollywood for that long.

Please tell us about your special care taken for Harsha’s character in Srimanthudu..
I just did what my director Koratala Siva told me to. He is a brilliant writer and came up with a fantastic script. All I did was too follow his directions!

How was it working with Shruti Hassan for a full time film?
She is the daughter of my all time favourite Kamal Hassan sir and it explains everything. She is an all rounder and can do anything. She gave a memorable performance in Srimanthudu.

Srimanthudu is based on adopting native villages. You also did it in real life. Was it the personal connection why you agreed to do this script?
Nothing of that sort. My brother-in-law Jayadev told me the idea and I felt it was a great thing to do. I accepted Srimanthudu for its honest storytelling.

Are you open to do more experimental films?
I already did some fun experimental films such as Takkari Donga, Naani and 1-Nenokkadine. Unfortunately they didn’t succeed at the Box Office. Moreover, these were the high budget films and I realized that in order to do such films with heavy budget, commercial aspects are also important.

How was it working with Jagapati Babu in Srimanthudu?
I met him few times earlier and I must thank him for being a part of this film. His character is of great stature and Jagapati Babu garu is the ideal choice for it.

There were lot of comments about 1-Nenokkadine. Did you ever feel the efforts gone wasted?
I only think of giving my best for every film I choose. I don’t bother about such disturbing comments because I value my work.

Your dad was a rage those days in doing James Bond kind detective films. Will you prefer to do such films?
I am very keen on doing so but for it a good director and great script is needed. If that is ready, I will definitely do.

Will you produce other hero films in your home banner?
As of now, I want to focus on my films. If I get a good script and time, I'll do it for other heroes as well.

Bollywood has been evolving greatly with thought provoking films like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan. Why do you think Tollywood isn’t progressing in the same way?
This question should be posed to our directors and writers. I would love to do such films in Telugu. Films like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan are not entirely off beat as they have good commercial values.

Upcoming projects?
I would be announcing about V.V.Vinayak’s Rs 100 crore project soon. As of now, I will be gearing up for Brahmotsavam shooting!

Thank you..wish you the best for coming projects!
Thank you!

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