Ins And Outs Of Music Director's Warning

By - August 01, 2015 - 01:27 PM IST

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Most of the warnings that you see in your life are usually onscreen be it about smoking or drinking or a hero giving a threat to villain or vice versa. But how many warnings do you actually see in real life. Well, one music director has come into the open and issued an open warning to all the TV channels.

He is none other than R P Patnaik and he is filing a damage suit against the producer and director of a particular TV serial on the allegation that they have used the songs of a film he composed which is yet to release in theaters. This incident has triggered to a lot of debate in the filmnagar circles.

They say “When TV channels buy dubbing rights of Hindi serials, they also get original soundtrack but since it will have Hindi movies songs, instead of getting fresh songs and tunes written in Telugu which would prove expensive, they are replaced by Tollywood tracks. So, technically what RP is saying is right in his decision to take action but how successful he will be remains to be seen.”

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