'GP' Is Also A Festival For Film Celebs

By - August 01, 2015 - 12:03 PM IST

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After becoming a film personality, the biggest requirement would be to showcase yourself in the maximum way possible. The visibility quotient is something much needed in today’s time till you reach a certain level of stardom. In view of that, many film celebs snatch every chance to make some buzz.

This time they have not even spared another day. We are talking about Guru Purnima and the situation is such that even for this occasion also tweets are coming. 10 years back nobody knew what Guru Purnima is. It is only teacher’s day which used to be known and mentors were remembered.

But today Guru Purnima is becoming famous thanks to social media and it is reaching a new level because celebs are remembering their gurus in every way possible. Some of them have even gone to their Gurus and met them personally as a mark of respect and gratitude.

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