'Brand' Brings Him Film Business

By - August 04, 2015 - 05:38 PM IST

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All it takes is a great deal of talent and sheer hardwork and that will bring results. This is the general perception among many who join the entertainment industry but the story doesn’t end there. In order to become successful, every individual needs to create an aura about himself/herself.

This is more in the cine circuit and it is only that brand value which really brings the good opportunities and loads of money. Perhaps the best example for that is the multi-talented Prabhu Deva. He started his career as a dancer but eventually grew up to be a choreographer/actor/director as well.

Now, Prabhu is all set to become a producer and if you are wondering from where he is getting the money, the answer is simple. His name is sufficient because it is a brand and that’s what gets investors and talented individuals. Here’s wishing Prabhu Deva the best of success for his new journey as a producer.

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