RGV Makes Kannada Industry Richer

By - August 05, 2015 - 04:00 PM IST

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Among the four industries in the south, the Tollywood circuit is considered the richest and grandest. And if one has to point out at the weakest link then it is usually the Sandalwood because the size of the industry is small and the flavor of movies that come are also not that appealing universally.

However, things are changing rapidly even in the Kannada circuit and now it has got a big boost due to one man. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and it is being observed that he is making the Kannada industry richer. He is doing this by planning bilinguals.

Indirectly Sandalwood is becoming rich because producers are from Bollywood and they have meaty budgets. Added to that, RGV’s debut movie Killing Veerappan is coming in Telugu and Tamil as well and this would be followed by the bilingual in Kannada and Hindi Appa. Bright days ahead for Sandalwood then!

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