Why Still Nizam? Why Not Telangana?

By - August 05, 2015 - 12:42 PM IST

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There are some things in your life that never change and it applies even to names of places and people. For instance, there are those among you who would prefer calling Mumbai as Bombay and Chennai as Madras despite the name change. Something similar is also being discussed in filmnagar right now.

Well, the Tollywood market under unified Andhra Pradesh was divided as Nizam, Andhra, Ceded but after bifurcation still we are saying Nizam rights. Some are suggesting now we can call it Telangana rights instead of Nizam. As such, Andhra it is needed because there is Andhra and Ceded markets.

Some of the cine seniors say it is more of a habit for them to call the Telangana territory as Nizam and they got used to it. Some are attaching a nostalgic value to it and say though the states are divided, the Tollywood industry is not and they would still prefer to go the old school way.

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