Kiliki Language Vs Navi Language

By - August 06, 2015 - 05:34 PM IST

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The recent release Baahubali had many highlights in it but if you were to talk about the best and interesting in that then you would vote for the character of Kalakeya and his language. Yes, we are talking about the Kiliki language which drew a lot of accolades and many enjoyed the dialect.

Something similar came few years back in the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar. It was called the Navi language which is used by the local tribes in the movie. So, Kiliki is not something new that was born in the director Rajamouli’s brain. The Navi language in Avatar seems to be the actual inspiration.

Of course, those who drafted the language found out the right grammar and ensured it was something authentic and genuine. Something similar happened in Baahubali as well and it really proved beneficial to the overall result. As for us, we got to hear and see two new languages in this process.

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