SS Thaman Busiest In Chennai

By - August 06, 2015 - 05:04 PM IST

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The general understanding you would get when you see a group of people standing at an office or a workplace is that the person inside must be either very important or famous. In the entertainment industry, the music direction segment has become quite competitive due to the presence of many music directors.

Despite all that challenge, there is one place in Chennai which is always crowded. This happens to be the studio of the noted music director S S Thaman. Sources say Thaman is literally on his toes with a barrage of projects on hand. In Telugu, he has Chuttalabbayi, Dictator and many others.

Along with that, he has his share of Tamil films as well. Inside news is that Thaman is focusing on different projects with a breathless schedule and still all are waiting for him. Every day, you will be seeing directors sitting in sofa at his studio in Chennai and it will be like a busy doctor’s clinic. Way to go Thaman!

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