Police Officers Behind Sai Kumar And Karthika

By - August 07, 2015 - 09:30 PM IST

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No matter how much you see them onscreen in various forms, in real life, the general tendency among many of us would be to keep a safe distance from the cops. So, it does come as a cautious situation when you realize you are being chased by the cops. But if it is for a good reason then nothing beats it.

In that aspect, it is heard that recently dialogue king Sai Kumar has been taken as brand ambassador by the Andhra Pradesh Police. He would be featuring in some of their promotional ads and videos that speak about regular civilian duties and how to follow certain regulations.

Now, the cops have gone behind another celebrity as well. She is the dusky beauty Karthika Nair, daughter of the yesteryears beauty queen Radha. Interestingly, Karthika has taken a self-initiative in Kerala wherein she is going to spread awareness on the importance of wearing helmets and it is heard that the Kerala police has given their full support to this cause.

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