Small Movie Business Is Big Challenge

By - August 07, 2015 - 09:25 PM IST

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As you may have noticed from a long time, the entertainment industry comprises of movies made at different budgets and the majority stake comes from the small budget movies. However, despite that quantity, the business of small budget flicks is very tough due to various factors.

Firstly, the audience interest and enthusiasm is less for lesser known heroes and their movies, the satellite value not there and most importantly, getting a decent number of theatres is next to impossible. As a result, all those who are seasoned and experienced in cinema business are also not going near this segment.

Even someone like crazy director Puri Jagannadh who has a sizeable clout in the industry is not going towards it though he came up with an initiative sometime ago. The trade pundits say if packaging and pre release hype works along with good content then there is a scope for earning 10 crores maximum for small budget movies.

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