Ravi Panasa- A Door To Top Celebs?

By - August 08, 2015 - 04:50 PM IST

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Given your exposure to various forms of entertainments, you would have that small urge somewhere to meet your favorite hero or heroine and take a picture with them. And then there are those times when you suddenly see them at the airport or a shopping mall and your excitement runs high.

However, meeting up with celebs is never an easy task. In fact, this is a tough job even for some members inside the industry itself. In Tollywood, one man is quickly earning the reputation of being the door to top celebs. He is none other than Ravi Panasa who made his mark as a noted PRO.

Well, in order to meet top celebs, individuals and other fraternity members are meeting Ravi Panasa and they are seeking inputs on how to meet the top celebs. Ravi Panasa played a key role for all the Telugu and Tamil big celebrities in the recently held SIIMA event at Dubai.

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