Three Artistic Years for Andala Rakshasi!

By - August 10, 2015 - 01:31 PM IST

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There might be films in Telugu which rewrite history for being most successful commercially or striking the mass appeal, or even touching a social issue. These films will become obviously remembered for its content and reach. But there is a rare breed of films which caress the audience like a whiff of fresh air and look extremely close to reality. These films neither preach the audience about anything nor feature the lead actors in exemplary roles and ideals.

In short, films like these show the characters as somebody our next door in real life. They have sequences with great reality and visually appealing. One such amazing film which graced Tollywood on the same day three years ago is none other than Andala Rakshasi. This film reminded Telugu Audience about the simple way of living, unconditional love, and strong female lead on which the story revolves.

The talented actress Lavanya Tripathi debuted with this film and her role as Midhuna- the girl with dual mind became one of the most influential female leads in Tollywood. It also featured the sober actor Rahul Ravindran and passionate hero Naveen Chandra in the lead roles. The film’s music became greatly remembered and critics compared the film to the makings of Mani Ratnam’s eternal love story Geethanjali. Set in the pristine era of 90s, Andala Rakshasi is like a beautiful painting which one can revisit and find something new whenever it is gazed upon.

On the eve of the film completing three years, the film’s actors Lavanya Tripathi and Rahul Ravindran tweeted on their respective handles in this way:

“Hit, flop or average,honestly don't know what it was.But there is this group of audience that absolutely loves that film.#AndhalaRakshasi”- Rahul Ravindran

Andala rakshasi ! Love it hate it but u cant ignore it.. Movie that gave me more than i deserved sooo much of love and ardent fans”- Lavanya Tripathi

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