Ali Took Annapurna As A Joke

By - August 10, 2015 - 12:36 PM IST

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Most of you do not need an introduction about comedian Ali. He has been part of the Tollywood circuit from the past few decades and carved a niche of his own. But in the recent past, Ali’s name hit the headlines for unusual reasons. It had to do with his double entendres and most importantly due to an NRI girl.

Her name is Annapurna Sunkara and the way she slammed Ali blatantly for his jokes became a sensation. While many reacted to that seriously and gave a whitewash to Annapurna, the key focus was on Ali and his reaction. The answer to that was revealed as part of the latest episode of his TV show ‘Ali Tho Jolly Ga’.

In his usual style, Ali was quipping few lines on the hot anchor Shyamala and she also responded in her own wit by saying she will complaint to Annapurna. Ali flashed a grin without hesitation and went on with his banter and teasing. All in all, it was a fun episode and many feel Ali dealt with it in the right manner.

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