Hot Romantic Song Makes Her Popular

By - August 10, 2015 - 11:43 AM IST

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After becoming a heroine, there are various ways and means the starlets search to stay in limelight and get attention. This is required because that’s the best avenue to get more offers and opportunities. Those who do not put such efforts tend to get sidelined despite having the right kind of talent and beauty.

One girl who has all credentials to become a good heroine is Sreemukhi and in the recent past, she has developed a lot of admirers through her TV programs. Now, she has taken her fame to the next level through a very hot and romantic song. This is from her forthcoming release Chandralekha.

The song which goes ‘Dooramga dooramga..’ showed Sreemukhi in a rather sensuous way and those who saw the number are saying her erotic appeal is very high. The film also has the juicy beauty Kamna Jethmalani. For now, it is Sreemukhi who is turning out to be the USP for this movie with her beauty and appeal.

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