Strict No For Non Celebs In Night Party

By - August 10, 2015 - 04:30 PM IST

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The very idea of unwinding at a party will recharge your nerves to a new high and you would be looking forward to it. And if the party involves some film celebrities then the excitement and enthusiasm doubles up. As it is, members of the film fraternity indulge a lot into partying which goes through the night.

In such get togethers, there are also those socialites who sneak inside and try to gain some mileage. However, all that didn’t seem to work at a recently held night party. Well, this was the after event party which was held in Dubai after the conclusion of SIIMA (South India International Movie Awards).

Reports reveal along with the film fraternity celebrities, some dignitaries also came but then they were not allowed inside. This night party was meant strictly and exclusively for the film celebrities and security was non-compromising. Though few locals wanted to come they were not allowed inside without any exemption.

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