IMAX Venkat Is Sivudu's Father

By - August 13, 2015 - 03:03 PM IST

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The rage and mania that the magnum opus Baahubali created needs no introduction. Everyone who has watched the movie remembers every character vividly and as always, the first admiration is always to the hero. So, young rebel star Prabhas got full marks as Sivudu and Amarendra Bahubali.

Meanwhile, enquiries were also on as to who did the padding roles next to Sivudu and one among them was the father of Sivudu. While many knew the familiar face of Rohini as his mother, not many knew the father. Well, here is the answer. The person who did Sivudu’s father’s role is IMAX Venkat.

To tell you a little about him, whenever celebs in Tollywood need ticket in Prasads Imax, they take it through him. This is because Venkat is the manager of entire IMAX property and holds a key position in the system. Eventually, the filmnagar members saw a spark in him and he is also doing roles as an actor. 

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