NTR's Shocking Attempts In Sukumar's Film

By - August 13, 2015 - 01:08 PM IST

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Some of you might be under the impression that once you become a star hero life is set and there is not much to be worried. Truth is, the real deal begins only then because everytime your film is on the anvil, you need to match the expectations of the audience and especially your fans.

So, there is a need to come up with something different each time. In that process, it is heard that young tiger Junior NTR is attempting something really shocking. It is known that he is currently busy with the new movie being helmed by the logic director Sukumar. The shoot is happening in London.

Inside news is that Junior is going to do certain dance steps which he has never done before. As it is, Junior is considered the number one in dance when it comes to Tollywood and he has done some really impossible moves in the past. But this stint is going to take him to a total new league altogether, as per unit members. Let us wait for that then.

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