Sathyaraj's Length Increased Now

By - August 13, 2015 - 09:52 AM IST

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In an actor’s life there are very few instances when they would be remembered by the roles they play and if that happens, it means the actor has done a phenomenal job. In the case of Tamil star Sathyaraj, he has been part of the industry since many decades but it appears he has done the role of a lifetime now.

Sathyaraj is doing the powerful role of Kattappa in the magnum opus Baahubali and his role got huge appreciation from all corners. Despite being a 60 year old, Sathyaraj has carried out his role with aplomb and his onscreen persona created a huge impact. Kattappa became a hot word in online forums.

Now, another update has arrived. It is heard that in the second part Baahubali-The Conclusion Sathyaraj’s screen time has reportedly been increased. This is due to the admiration of Kattappa’s character by the audience. Buzz is that Sathyaraj has been asked to allocate 100 days for shooting. That says it all!

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