Cinema Choopista Mava Movie Review & Ratings

By - August 14, 2015 - 02:18 AM IST

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Cast: Raj Tarun, Avika Gor (Anandi)
Banner: Lucky Media
Editor: Karthik Srinivas
Cinematography: Sai Sriram
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Producer: Bekkam Venugopal
Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina

Tagline: 100% Paisa Vasool Film

Katthi (Raj Tharun) is a jobless happy-go-lucky guy who unexpectedly falls in love with Parineetha (Avika Gor), the daughter of Medical Officer Somnath Chatterjee (Rao Ramesh), a staunch believer in a principled, disciplined and standard of living. Katthi woos Parineetha but Somanth hates him to the core. Out of suspicion, Somnath tries to get his daughter Parineetha engaged to his nephew Rahul (Praveen) who is a replica of him. But after a series of unexpected events, Somnath and Katthi enter into a challenging and interesting agreement! What is the agreement and how did Katthi win Parineetha’s hand forms the crux of the story.


Raj Tharun: The role of Katthi looks like a tailor made one for Raj Tharun who was rather classy in his earlier film. His body language, dialogue delivery, devil-may-care attitude and comic timing are very impressive (Though, one can find the traces of Raviteja in his histrionics here and there).  

Avika Gor:
The role of Parineetha was a cake walk for her but one would wonder if she was the one we saw in Uyyala Jampala! Slim, chubby, plump etc - the hour glass beauty will be seen with various variations in terms of her look and appearance in the film.

Rao Ramesh: He excelled the role of a principled man who is a staunch believer of ‘quality’ of living. His scenes with Raj Tharun are the true highlights of the film.

Thotapalli Madhu: This dialogue writer turned actor was impressive as Raj Tharun’s father. Scenes between him, Raj Tharun and Rao Ramesh are entertaining.

The rest of the cast including Praveen, Shakalaka Shankar, Chanti, Krishna Bhagvan, Shaking Seshu, the Jabardast comedy gang and others entertain us to their best.


These are the days where people are seriously looking for some content in the film. If you could provide some comedy, you win a consolation prize. But if you can deliver content with comedy, you win a jackpot and director Trinadha Rao Nakkina has just won it.

A poor guy-rich girl love story, diagonally opposite father & son-in-law, catchy songs, decent visuals, punchy yet logical dialogues, a water tight screenplay and on top of everything ample comedy – Cinema Choopsita Mava has got all the traits of a good time pass entertainer (if you don’t go potholing).

Yes… you can find an age old story hoisted on a Bommarillu template (oops…that was a spoiler) with some low brow spoofs on mythologies and few double meaning jokes etc. But the engaging and entertaining narration with few key hilarious episodes makes the film a good paisa vasool.

Unlike the routine, both the first half and second half are loaded with hilarious sequences which stand as the key assets of the film. And the pacy narration saves the predictable plot. On the whole, the director stuck to the policy of entertainment, entertainment & entertainment yet being logical.

- Performances of Raj Tharun, Avika Gor, Rao Ramesh and the Comedy gang.
- Hilarious punch dialogues and high comedy quotient.
- Refreshing narration with an engaging screenplay.
- Enjoyable music
- Good cinematography by Sai Sriram.

Few dialogues that might make the family audience uncomfortable.


Shekar Chandra gives a decent album with a good mix of all essential ingredients of a good commercial album and they are well picturized as well. Pilli Kalla Papa, Cinema Choopitha Mava are good. And his background score was worth mentioning.


The cameo by Posani was very crucial to the plot and impressive.


Cinema Choopitha Mava
is an old wine in a new bottle. With a refreshing narration, punchy logical dialogues and fun overloaded, CCM is a 100% Paisa Vasool entertainer especially for the masses and youth.

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