Upendra 2 Movie Review & Ratings

By - August 14, 2015 - 04:37 PM IST

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Cast: Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav, Sayaji Shinde, Shobhraj, Tennis Krishna, Bank Janardhan, Chethan, Vaijnath Biradar, Tumkur Mohan, Satyajit, Priyanka Upendra
Banner:Upendra Productions
Music: Gurukiran
Editor: Sri
Cinematographer: Ashok Kashyap
Distributor: Nallamallapu Bujji
Producer: Priyanka Upendra
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Upendra.

Tag Line: Crazyness at Peaks!


The selfish and self-centric Nenu (Upendra) in Upendra (first part) who left all the mundane pleasures and relations, returns as Nuvvu (Upendra) now talking about ‘You’ and living in the present, not worrying about past or future. Few goons and the henchmen of mafia don Saleem are in hunt of this Nuvvu. In the other part of the world, in one of the academics lectures, Lakshmi, a psychology student gets curious over an individual who is so stable in its thought process and living in the present and happens to discover Nuvvu in a small village along with his family. While Police and mafia want Nuvvu, Lakshmi falls in love with Nuvvu and gears up to marry him. Amidst all this, Lakshmi comes to know about Nuvvu’s real identity and his vicious mission. Who is Nuvvu, what is his mission and how is it related to ‘You’ forms the crux of the plot.


Upendra: The Crazy star was once again at his craziest best in the film with his bizarre getups and intense performance. He is a top-notch actor and Upendra portrays the most complicated character ‘Nuvvu’ so effortlessly.

Kristina Akheeva: She delivered a relatively decent performance in the film. The Gaalipatam fame actress has definitely grown a notch higher as an actor with this film.

Parul Yadav: This model turned actress was at her glamorous best in the film.

The rest of the actors give their best in this craziest roller coaster ride.


Promising actor and director Upendra who is otherwise known for telling a deep philosophy in the most eccentric and appealing way has taken the world by storm with Upendra. He talks about leaving the ‘Nenu’ (I/Me/Myself), the self-centric and ego-driven nature of living in the first part and now he tries to define Nuvvu (You) and living in the present without oscillating between Past and Future.


This is indeed a subject of great depth with aspects of the art of living and being happy. Director Upendra who chose a linear yet bold narrative in the first part to tell that ego is the root cause of misery, rather tried to deliver the complex concept of ‘You’ through a suspense drama this time. In the due course, he could successfully implant the curiosity in the minds of the audience but couldn’t sustain it till the end. This suspense thriller gets eventually confusing and irksome at a point and Upendra’s bizarre getups make it even worse.


The director failed to strike a convincing balance in narrating the bipolar nature of the protagonist, his complexities and his ultimate goal. With forced twists and turns, dreams in a dream, obligatory songs and an abstract ending, Upendra messed it up towards the end. On top of it, Upendra’s mark whacky kick is also missing in the film.



The performances of the lead cast including Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav and other lead actors.

The innovative and intriguing storyline.


Overboard twists and turns.

Confusion screenplay that might kill the viewer’s interest.


The album by Guru Kiran was versatile and the back ground score was eccentric.


The end title credits at the very beginning of the film and blank screen part in the first half was the epitome of Upendra mark creativity.


Upendra 2 is a crazy suspense thriller loaded with Upendra mark philosophy and overloaded with enough confusion drama. If you have cracked it – you are the luckiest Uppi fan on the planet. In a nutshell, definitely not great than the first part! You can safely give it a miss.

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