5 Iconic Patriotic Scenes In Modern Telugu Cinema

By - August 15, 2015 - 10:48 AM IST

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There are many amazing and thought provoking patriotic scenes in Telugu Cinema which made the audience re-think about their values and think of the realistic facts about India as a country. Yesteryear Telugu Cinema featured the life history of many freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to make India a free nation.

They did larger than life feats to free the nation from the clutches of British rule. But on this eve of Independence Day, iQlikmovies.com brings a unique feature of five iconic scenes in modern Telugu Cinema (From the 90s era) which feature a common man exhibiting the patriotic feelings in the best manner possible. These characters are no less than a big time freedom fighter who dreamt of India becoming a successful country.

Flag Rescue Scene from Mani Ratnam’s Roja:

Rishi (Arvind Swami) is a cryptographer who reaches Kashmir for work and sadly becomes a captive under Terrorists. But this young man is a great example of a common man having courage and high level of patriotism despite being in personal trouble. When he looks at Indian Flag being burnt in front of his own eyes, he dashes off and confronts the deadly terrorists to stop the flag being burnt. Even after 20 years of the film’s release, this scene would give goose bumps to any viewer.

Lesson for rash youngsters in Mutamestri:

When our hero Subhash Chandra Bose(Chiranjeevi), a common laborer in vegetable market yard discovers few youngsters insulting the national anthem being sung in a school, he gets furious. But he controls the anger until the national anthem is finished and bursts out his anger on them. This scene is like an eye opener for any youngster who blindly mimic western culture and degrade the grandeur of our nation.

Stunner  to a Corrupt Doctor on Television in Bharateeyudu:

Senapathi (Kamal Hassan) is a middle class old man who is also a freedom fighter in his younger days. Unable to see the corruption being rampant in modern india, he decides to kidnap one particular corrupt doctor and murders him in the presence of Media with his tremendous skill and planning. The dialogues and word exchange which happens during the scene is one of the most influential scenes in Indian Cinema- as they question the wrong happenings such as corruption, lawlessness and the gap between rich and the poor.

A Muslim Police Officer’s Monologue from Azad:

Salim ( Prakash Raj) a police officer,  confronts the terrorist (Raghuvaran) who hijacks a train full of Indian Passengers. When the latter realizes that the police officer is a muslim by birth, he tries to coax him. But he gets the amazing answer in return from a muslim who is Indian first, and then explains the greatness of the religion and of course India as a country. Prakash Raj excelled in this particular scene and it undoubtedly became the highlight of the film.

Every Indian is united with Patriotism from Khadgam:

An Auto Driver from Old City of Hyderabad (Prakash Raj), an aspiring film enthusiast (Ravi Teja) and an angry policeman (Srikanth) witness a group of goons who start celebrating the loss of India in a cricket match opposite Pakistan. When they overlook watching the same goons hoisting the Pakistan flag in celebration, they cannot stand seeing the Indian flag being burnt. They storm over them without further ado and rescue the flag with great effort. This is Krishna Vamshi’s way of depicting that every Indian is same when patriotism comes into picture!

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