Srimanthudu Movie Scene In Discussion

By - August 18, 2015 - 01:10 PM IST

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After watching a film, you tend to discuss about it for an hour or two and then forget it but there are some movies with certain scenes which trigger a lot of discussion. True to that, the movie Srimanthudu has become a big hit but the current focus is on one particular scene.

Apparently, during a montage song, the seductive beauty Shruti Hassan travelling in the car with Mahesh Babu is desperate to go to toilet. At that point, Mahesh stops at a petrol bunk, enquires about the loo and guides Shruti accordingly. After she returns, she pats him affectionately and he smiles.

In all this, what many are observing is the hero’s empathetic nature and state the writers and director wanted the audience to know it. In today’s time where every trivial thing is blown up as injustice and chauvinism against women, this scene is just a fair reminder of how men still treat women.

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