Prakash Raj's Explanation For Controversy

By - August 18, 2015 - 03:38 PM IST

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Once you become an actor and that too a famous one, your life will be under constant scrutiny and every trivial thing is magnified by the yellow media to generate sensation and make it a controversy. And if you are a star like the powerhouse actor Prakash Raj then such instances would be more.

The latest in that club is a new controversy boiling over his presence in the KFJ gold ad. As always, Prakash has given his perspective about the whole issue in the form of the following tweets-

‘#kfj gold ad.With due respect to the concerns of all who have taken offence. I would like to state that it was not the intention’

‘It is aimed at the mindset of people who think girl child is "tension". The ad clearly states it is the rate of gold you gift...not the girl.’

‘I respect everyone who have questioned me.. And I promise it was not intended. Hope you see it in the context of its expression .. Thank you’.

Well, the tweets have explained the situation in the most sensible and matured manner so it is about time even those who are causing trouble grow up and see the essence of what Prakash is trying to say.

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