What Will Be Announced On Chiru's B'Day?

By - August 19, 2015 - 10:58 PM IST

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There are those mega fans among you who must be looking at the clock frequently because it is ticking closer towards a very special day. We are talking about the birthday of megastar Chiranjeevi which is on August 22nd and this day is not just about excitement but also some anxiety.

Well, many mega fans are in a suspense of sorts as to what is going to be announced on Chiru’s birthday. Will it be about a new project? Will it be about the stills of Chiru that came in websites recently? Will it be about confirmation that the stills were part of Chiru’s cameo in Ram Charan’s movie?

The thoughts are going in different directions and this is because the announcement on the 150th movie of Chiru is not being expected. Whatever it may be, it is going to be a day of happiness for all the mega fans and it now rests on the birthday boy himself  to come up with some announcement which will add more to the happiness. 

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