Brahmi & Saptagiri Scenes added in CCM!

By - August 20, 2015 - 12:56 PM IST

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The success of any film would inherently depend on a powerful comedy track featuring the popular comedians – undoubtedly in Telugu films! We witnessed many blockbusters which attained success only because of the brilliant comedy track and nonstop laughter it offered. In such juncture, the makers of Cinema Chupista Mava dared to clip off comedy sequence involving star comedians Brahmanandam and Saptagiri in their film.

Though the main reason they cited for this clipping off was the film's duration and tempo, the makers seems to have understood the value of comedy in the success of any film. As the film became good success now, they have decided to add these scenes running for a duration of 10 minutes back into the film!

So, whoever has already watched the film will have to watch it again to rejoice the brilliant comedy track between two talented comedians- Brahmi and Saptagiri!

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