Peoples' Star Fans Wait At KBR Park

By - August 21, 2015 - 12:08 PM IST

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You can consider it as a tradition which is followed quite religiously by many cine buffs.  We are talking about coining special titles for film actors. Usually it is the heroes who tend to get some special titles but there is one character actor cum hero who has got a mark of his own.

He is none other than R Narayanamurthy and he is fondly called as Peoples’ Star. He has his own share of fan following and they have devised a new strategy to meet him. Apparently, R Narayanamurthy goes for an evening walk in KBR park everyday.

Sources say his fans keep waiting for him at the park and once he comes, they approach him. If he is in a good mood then he will say Namaskaram and chat for a bit or else he will walk away without talking. On the other hand, some try to talk to him and some don’t even dare to go near him. This is becoming a good entertaining treat for the others nearby.

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