Raj Tharun's Body Language Off Screen

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Though you would do it unintentionally or involuntarily there are those who tend to judge you based only on your body language rather than your nature. Sometimes, it does work but not all times. Anyhow, the focus now is on the young actor Raj Tharun and his body language.

Those who have been tracking his body language say his confidence has grown due to back to back hits in the form of Uyyala Jampala and the recent release Cinema Chupista Maava’ They state that earlier Raj Tharun was quite obedient and polite. He was also gracious to everyone he met.

But now it is being said that he is talking with more command and assertiveness when he is off the screen. It is looking obvious to many that Raj feels more sure of himself as an actor now and that has led to this change. The overall perspective is that this is a good change in his body language.

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