Telugu Actress On Slim Meal

By - August 27, 2015 - 05:43 PM IST

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Food is something we cannot live without and many among us have the habit of hogging variety types of foods without any issues. But that privilege is not there for the actresses. At any given point, they are expected to keep their body in perfect shape and diet plays an important role in that.

So, here is one actress who has reportedly chosen to go on a slim meal diet which means she would be becoming slimmer than her current shape. She is none other than the petite beauty Madhavilatha and this Telugu actress is on a mission to shed few more kilos from her body.

As part of that, Madhavi is reportedly having just two vegetables along with two almonds and Raagi porridge as part of her dinner menu. She is expected to continue this for few weeks and based on the weight loss, she would take it forward. Let us wish all her efforts help her in grabbing a film offer as well.

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