Rajamouli's Honest Request to Fans!

By - August 27, 2015 - 06:11 PM IST

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Agree or not! We belong to that lunatic class of fans who not only argue about the fate of our favorite star’s film but also the records it has re-written. Many step ahead and even run the films taking some false prestige. This point has been rightly mentioned by Puri Jagannadh in his Neninthe film. Now the point is being discussed by maverick director SS Rajamouli. We know Baahubali is a historic blockbuster with many unprecedented records to its credit but what sets him class apart is his realistic outlook towards success.
Learning about some fans trying to run Baahubali in theaters, Rajamouli made a sensible and appreciable request to the fans. Here it goes-
Record number of 50 days, 100 days,175 days are things of past. Today, Films are being released in 1000′s of screens and run is over by 3-4 weeks. 
Few main screens might still give shares, but mostly the run is over. It is very sad when some fans ask for an extension, sometimes paying out of their pockets and sometimes asking the exhibitors to do so. Friends..! what do we gain out of these false records??
Audience have given us a memorable victory, that we will remember for the rest of our lives. What more do we need? Our industry isplagued by this issue for a long time. 
Let’s not be a part of it. It is high time we stopped this. Bahubali will run in theatres that are yielding shares. If not, it will make way for other new films to follow. We will NOT block theatres for false records..
Interestingly, he gained some quick support from filmmakers like RGV & Harish Shankar.

@ssrajamouli You are bang on right..One should look at the final collections ..Thinking of number of weeks and days is prehistoric thinking” tweeted RGV.

Well, Rajamouli truly deserves a bow for his honest, selfless and realistic outlook on success and concern for cinema!

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