Akhil Vs Shiva- A Poster Comparison

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While some come up with somewhat accurate results, some of them just fizzle off but that has never stopped the phenomenon of comparison. This is more in the entertainment industry and it could be between heroes, heroines, films, songs and even the film posters.

In lieu of that, the latest comparison is between the posters of the movie Akhil and the yesteryear cult blockbuster Shiva. The first posters of Akhil show Akkineni Akhil and the camera captures him from below with the sky in backdrop. Many decades ago, even the poster of Shiva featuring Nagarjuna came like that.

As a result, those who saw the posters are saying they must have taken inspiration from Shiva and made ‘Akhil’s poster intentionally like that. The only difference is, while Shiva looked more raw and rugged, Akhil looks more stylish and visually more appealing.

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