Akhil's First Look Poster Talk

By - August 27, 2015 - 06:44 PM IST

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What can be more exciting and anticipated thing than Akhil Akkineni’s debut?
The third generation starkid from the most revered Akkineni family and on top of it, he inherited all the best genes of his father, mother and grandfather. Besides the looks, he earned an identity for himself. So, naturally Akhil’s debut has become one of the most anticipated one in modern times.

Amidst such exorbitant expectations, the makers of Akhil’s production A revealed the title and corresponding poster of the film a short while ago. As expected, fans were bowled over by the dashing looks of Akhil and the posters were a smash hit. In no time, Akhil started trending in Facebook & Twitter. Besides the look and design, something else has caught their attention. 
It is “Jua” (the caption of ‘Akhil’ title reads “Power of Jua”) and moreover Akhil was seen carrying a burning ball with a mysterious connection with the sun. Well, “Jua” in Swahili translates to Sun and hence, industry onlookers opine that it can be the ‘Power of Sun’. Anyhow an official clarification is still awaited in this regard. It is already reported that this is a socio-fantasy with a mysterious ‘linga’ playing a key role in the story and the hero (Akhil) is the lone savior of it. The story is provided by Veligonda Srinivas and VV Vinayak is carving the film into a breath taking thrilling socio fantasy entertainer.
The teaser of the film is slated to release on Aug 29 on the eve of Nag’s birthday. Well the first look poster has marked the entry of yet another Superstar in TF. What say fans?

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