Sunil's Face lifting has Positive Impact

By - August 27, 2015 - 06:26 PM IST

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You might have one of the most stunning physiques but it all boils down to your face and the impact it creates. This is more so for the actors because they face the camera and the audience has to see them onscreen. Many times many heroes were criticized for their disproportionate looks.

Eventually, they underwent some correction surgeries and earned good marks. In the recent past, the focus has been more on comedian turned hero Sunil. During his early days in cinema, he was quite chubby and many loved his cute face and body language. But after becoming a hero, things changed drastically.

Sunil worked out vigorously and toned his body into a six pack frame. The consequence of that was his face lost all its cuteness. In fact, in his past few movies such as Bheemavaram Bullodu Mr Pellikoduku his face was looking very parched and brittle. But now he seems to have got the feedback.  Sunil’s latest movie Krishnashtami shows him with a much healthier face and this has created a positive impact.

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