Reason Behind Director's Moustache

By - August 29, 2015 - 02:15 PM IST

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After becoming an actor, you don’t have much choice except to shape yourself up as per the role requirement. This is more to do with the face and that is why you see many actors sporting different looks and styles in different movies. That is usually not the case with the directors.

However, one director has now gone for a change which has caught the attention of many. He is none other than the national award winning filmmaker Neelakanta. From many years he always had his macho moustache and suddenly he has emerged with a clean shave sans any moustache.

While different analyses are happening here is the closest one. Due to his regular interaction with Bollywood and staying in Mumbai, in order to suiting that environment he has reportedly shaved his moustache. Neelakanta is helming Murder 4 in Bollywood and this is expected to start soon so he has gone into Bollywood look.

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