Navdeep's Strongest Weak Point

By - August 31, 2015 - 11:02 PM IST

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There are actors who are talented and there are actors who are performers but there are very few actors who are actually dependable and durable. One among them is the cat eyed hero Navdeep. Keeping his career graph aside, whenever he has been chosen for a movie, he has delivered his best and created a difference.

He has been part of the industry since quite a while and has been vocal about his thoughts on social networking platform. But here is something about his personal side. Whenever an initiative happens regarding charity or for a noble cause, Navdeep comes forward  and involves.

That is his strongest asset and it defines his personality. Those who know him closely reveal his heart goes out to those who are needy and does whatever he can. The latest on that is, Navdeep has done a ramp walk and is advocating about Femmis Ladies Club who are dedicated to children in need. Way to go Navdeep!

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