'Kshanam' Inside Talk: A Surprise Product

By - September 02, 2015 - 06:21 PM IST

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There are those times when you are not sure of what a film has to offer and you would need some inside grapevine on that. This is where the inside talk helps and most of the times, it proves to be accurate. One movie which is now gaining a lot of buzz through this inside talk is Kshanam.

The report is that the performances in the film are superb and the lead pair of Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma has created an impact. The combo has worked very well and their onscreen chemistry is said to be amazing. The other information received is the suspense element is nice.

The film is helmed by Ravikanth and his narration is reported to be quite gripping and even its makers the PVP banner are very impressed. All in all, Kshanam is being touted as a surprise product that will catch the audience off guard. The film is scheduled for release in the month of November.

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