Pointing Finger On Hero's Direction

By - September 02, 2015 - 04:13 PM IST

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It has become a routine thing for you to notice how members of the film fraternity have begun showing multiple talents. A director becomes a singer and a singer becomes a music director. A cinematographer becomes a director and director becomes a producer. But here is an interesting update.

Some are suggesting that a superstar must actually become a director. We are talking about the Bollywood mighty heart Salman Khan and a noted filmmaker Nikhil Advani has reportedly stated Salman should have directed a film like ten years ago. It is heard that Salman has a very accurate sense of narration.

His involvement in movies like Dabangg, Dabangg 2 created a huge difference and now he has sat on the editing desk of the new movie Hero. Going by the demand and the expertise he has, it may not be a surprise to see Salman wielding the megaphone very soon and that would be a crazy experience for his fans.

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