Remake Eyes On Marathi Film

By - September 04, 2015 - 10:56 AM IST

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You have known Tollywood as the learning and blooming ground for many non-local actors and technicians. But lately, this has also become the haven for hit movies of other languages. Yes, the Tollywood members are now grabbing hit films from other languages and remaking them in Telugu.

The talk now is about one Marathi movie and eyes are on it for a remake. The film is titled as Killa and it revolves around a teenager and his widowed mother who come to a new place on transfer. The experiences he has, the people he meets, the lessons he learns in life forms the essence of the story.

Those who have watched it say you will have an experience of a lifetime if you miss it. Given this kind of appreciation, it may not be long before the film would be remade in Telugu. As it is, the Tollywood audience loves to watch emotional and heart rendering treats onscreen.

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