Nandamuri Mokshagna's B'day Celebrations

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Today is the birthday of the upcoming heir of Nandamuri clan -  Nandamuri Mokshagna. He is expected to make his grand debut in a couple of years and he is currently training for hi prestigious debut.

Celebrating this occasion, fans of Balakrishna are organizing Social Service programs through their NBK HELPING HANDS. The service program includes medical camps, planting trees, blood donation, fruits distribution to patients at hospitals etc. And these programs are being organized in over 200 selected places in five states across India.

 NBK Helping Hands also stated that hereon they will continue the social services on Mokshagna’s birthday. It is indeed a commendable gesture from Balakrishna’s fans and hope to see more such social welfare initiatives from fans. Wishing Nandamuri Mokshagna a Happy Birthday!

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