Why Delivery Is Delaying?

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When you are waiting for an article or a goodie to arrive and it is not coming then you would call the concerned courier company and ask why the delivery is delaying. You would get some or the other reason for that. But a very similar question is being raised by many cine buffs.

This has to do with the delay in the arrival of a movie. We are talking about the film Courier Boy Kalyan which came out of the cold storage after two years. Just when everything looked set for the release this Friday, latest update arrived that the film is postponed again. This has caught many by surprise.

The film has big branded names like Nithiin, Gautham Menon associated and still it is failing to see the light. The obvious guess from many is the film is stuck in a financial tangle and hence this delay. Whatever it may be, this delay is actually disappointing the cine buffs and reducing the expectations on the film. Let us wish the delivery happens quick.

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