Top Hero and Director face Legal Headaches?

By - September 08, 2015 - 09:50 AM IST

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In this creative field, besides plagiarism (copying), there is a possibility for great men to think alike. So that is why, we come to hear legal copyright issues, trolls now and then.

Even star directors and heroes are not an exception to this! We are referring to the recent blockbuster Kaththi. This film minted crores and has been abuzz for its remake efforts in Telugu from quite some while but it has once again made into the headlines for some legal headaches.

 A young budding filmmaker named Anbu Rajasekhara filed a law suit against Murugadoss (director), Vijay (hero), George (Cinematographer), Neelakantha (executive producer) claiming that the basic plot of Kaththi was copied from his short film Thaaga Bhoomi without his consent. In regard to this, the Tanjore court has issued summons to the abovementioned persons and mentioned them as defendants in the case.

 These kind of Plagiarism charges are quite common in the film industry but some big names like Murugadoss, Vijay getting summons from the court is something rare. We have to wait and see how will the ace director and hero counter this!

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