Secret Behind 'Auto Jaani'

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Seven out of ten among you must be mega fans and till few weeks ago, you would be on cloud nine and after that you would have been disappointed. The reason for that is the various twists and turns happening regarding the comeback venture of megastar Chiranjeevi which also happens to be his 150th movie.

Given the situation, it is indeed a prestigious project and many felt Auto Jaani being helmed by crazy director Puri Jagannadh was the one. Later on, some speculations were fuelled that the project is shelved. Looking at all this, we took an initiative and dug some information on the whole episode.

This is the latest update. It is heard that the script is being prepared with no political or contemporary issues and most importantly, the focus is on a lot of comedy, dance and drama. So, you will be seeing a Chiru that people liked during 80s and 90s. In order to fine tune it, time is being taken. Currently, the second half is being worked. So, the good news is, the project is very much on.

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