Arvind Swamy's Entry In Telugu

By - September 14, 2015 - 10:31 AM IST

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As an actor, your best satisfaction comes when you are accepted by your native audience but the real sense of achievement arrives when audience from other languages also become your fans. It reaches the peak if women audiences from other languages become your hardcore admirers.

Such a fortune was grabbed by one man and he is none other than Arvind Swamy. When he was seen in the movie Roja, ladies all across the nation began to have sleepless nights. Same was the case with the Telugu girls. Though Arvind was part of few movies, he disappeared for quite a while only to make a comeback.

Recently, he came up with the Tamil movie Thani Oruvan which became a blockbuster. Now, reports reveal plans have begun for the film to be remade in Telugu. As part of that, Arvind is expected to reprise his role and guess what, he is the key antagonist in the movie who delivered a stellar performance. Let us see how his lady fans would receive this one.

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