Punch Dialogue Treat In This Film

By - September 14, 2015 - 10:26 AM IST

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What makes a movie very engaging and entertaining as per Telugu audience? It needs to have the right kind of action, romance, comedy and sentiment. But in order to build that momentum, the most important ingredient is the dialogues and since Telugu audience is intelligent, they look for wit and intellect in the lines.

This has given rise to the culture of having punch dialogues and whenever those dialogues are delivered by a hero, the punch factor is high thereby leading to success at the box office. One film which seems to have implemented this ideology perfectly is the upcoming movie Shivam.

This has the energetic star Ram in the lead along with the cutie beauty Raashi Khanna. Recently, the trailer was unveiled and those who saw it say it seems to be a full fledged punch dialogue treat. This would mean the commercial audience are going to have a great time while watching it in theatres.

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