Cold war between Ali and Suma?

By - September 15, 2015 - 12:05 PM IST

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While acting in films is quite a challenging task for an artist, anchoring in events along with Television shows is another daunting task. Not many anchors could succeed in making a good name except for a select few. Out of those gifted people, comedian Ali and the chirpy Suma are the names which are heard first.

This duo generated nonstop laughter in many occasions and awards functions- notably the MAA Awards spoof they did for various classics such as Sagara Sangamam and Magadheera. They had brilliant comedy timing and great on screen chemistry, which made them a firsthand choice for any big event happening in Tollywood fraternities. But sadly, the duo is falling apart now after some unfortunate incidents.

It is well known fact that Ali’s peculiar comments on Suma at a public function angered the latter and created an argument later. But neither Suma nor Ali explicitly said that they had a fight. Just then people were relieved that nothing was troubling between them, another incident has happened now. When the makers of Shivam requested Suma to anchor their audio launch event along with Ali, she politely refused saying that she would rather anchor it individually. As a result, even Ali turned down this offer.

Creative differences between two artists who are in constant association is a common factor these days. Let us hope that Ali and Suma overcome these differences soon and continue to generate more laughter!

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