Claps To Victory Venkatesh

By - September 15, 2015 - 08:11 PM IST

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Perhaps the biggest flaw in the Tollywood star heroes is that once they get fitted into a particular image, they are completely reluctant to experiment. The fear of rejection from the audience and disappointment of the fans drives them to stick to a formula script which keeps elevating their image and continuing the same routine.

But in the recent times, one star hero has broken those shackles and is creating a mark for himself. He is none other than victory Venkatesh. He did SVSC alongside superstar Mahesh Babu and continued it with Masala alongside energetic star Ram. But his best came in the form of Drishyam.

Donning the role of a middle class man and that too as a father of two daughters was truly commendable. Now, there is news that Venky is preparing for yet another project. He is keen in doing mammootty's new film Pathemari depending on the reception at Mallu box office. If this goes through then he is surely setting a new benchmark for star heroes in Tollywood.

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