Lakshmi Rai Gives Clarification

By - September 16, 2015 - 12:38 PM IST

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Among the horde of beauties that you have seen in Tollywood, some of them have been blessed with the right kind of beauty and sex appeal but fortune didn’t favor them enough to get into the top league. A classic example for that is the luscious beauty Lakshmi Rai and though things didn’t work for her in Tollywood, she is a sensation in Kollywood.

Despite the challenges, Lakshmi Rai stuck to her guns and today she is a well known heroine in the southern circuit. Now, the pretty lady is reaching a milestone in her career. Apparently, Lakshmi is all set to do her 50th movie and she is doing it in the best way. Well, she is making her debut in Bollywood with that project.

Lakshmi has been roped in for the new movie Julie 2 the erotic thriller. With this, her fans went into a panic mode and they are hoping that Lakshmi will not forget the south. Responding to that, Lakshmi reiterated that she will never forget the south because she owes all her success and celebrity status to the south circuit. This should relieve all her admirers here.

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