Is Teja Meeting RGV Regularly?

By - September 16, 2015 - 12:30 PM IST

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Despite the fact that the members of the film fraternity are expected to maintain peace and harmony, there are always those with some rebellious thoughts. One such person is director Teja and in the last two to three weeks, he came up with some really sensational and somewhat outrageous statements in front of the media.

During one such session, Teja reportedly said “No one meets me, I have given break to so many, they don’t even come to audio functions when I invite them.” In some instances, he has also trashed some noted personalities by taking their names. But one counter is also coming on him.

Those who heard his statements say “Teja was introduced by Ram Gopal Varma and he got his first break through Shiva. So, is Teja meeting RGV regularly? Is he showing gratitude to Annapurna studios? Those who are working with RGV since long say they have never seen Teja visiting RGV. So, when he doesn’t do that why is he expecting others to give him that courtesy?” What say Teja?

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