Ram Charan's Bruce Lee Story Leaked?

By - September 16, 2015 - 11:28 AM IST

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The entertaining combination of Ram Charan- Srinu Vaitla is all set to strike for the first time in the form of their latest project Bruce Lee. This film is all set for release for Dasara and making big on the news everyday for some good reasons! Just when Chiranjeevi joined the team for a special song and few stunt sequences which is termed to be a highlight of the flick, here is an impediment for the film now with a story leak!

In the age of fast paced technology and smart phones, the credibility of the story leak cannot be verified as most of the time the actual film turns out to be different. However, the leak cannot be taken for granted because it creates lot of curiosity about the film! Right from the beginning, the makers of Bruce Lee said that Ram Charan will be seen as a stunt master in the film but according to the leak, he will also be featured in a different role and the film is actually a revenge drama!

Revenge Dramas are bread and butter for Telugu Cinema and have a very high success rate. Apparently after the debacle of Aagadu, Srinu Vaitla is sticking to his strengths once again!

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