Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review & Ratings

By - September 17, 2015 - 02:03 PM IST

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CAST: Nithiin, Yami Gautam
BANNER: Photon Kathaas Productions
EDITOR: Prawin Pudi
MUSIC: Karthik and Anup Rubens
PRODUCER: Gowtham Vasudev Menon

Tagline: Courier Content is Good but Delivery Disappoints!


A famous doctor (Ashutosh Rana) researching upon stem cells unethically makes crores out of illegal abortions along with his team in developing a stem cell bank. He extends his secret unlawful operations in the states of Telangana & AP. In the due course, his team carry outs an abortion bluffing it to be a miscarriage which leads to the suicide of the patient. A common ward suspects the case, investigates and wants to bring it to the notice of social activist Satyamurthy (Nassar). On the other part of the world, Kalyan (Nithiin), fondly called Pani leni Kalyan is a degree discontinued student but a smart go-getter. In search of a job, he shifts to Hyderabad and lives with his sister and family. One day Kalyan’s friend Rajesh who works in a courier delivery agency requests him to drop a courier for him. Kalyan who delivers the courier in a Khadi shop sees Kavya and falls in love with her instantly. To woo Kavya, he turns a courier boy and keeps visiting the khadi shop daily. Meanwhile, Kalyan’s sister gets pregnant and visits the same hospital that has a suicide case in the past. So, how is Kalyan related to the stem cell scam and how did he expose it forms the rest of the plot.


Nithiin: He slips into the character of a courier boy with ease and gives his best in keeping it intense yet entertaining. By the way, no punch lines, extravagant dance moves or out-of-the-world stunts. He is simple, cute and stays loyal to his attire and character.

Yami Gautam: Any Yami fans out there? Then we are sorry, you might be utterly disappointed because once again our filmmakers were successful in curtailing the heroine to just songs and a romantic track.

Asutosh Rana: He is rather one of the finest baddies in the lot today is the lead villain in the film but he is under-utilized.

Satyam Rajesh, Harshavardhan, Surekha Vani & others give their best.


Where do we begin?

Firstly appreciating Prem Sai for taking up a new point! Stem Cell Research and a scam in it is something new and not many attempt telling such stories (that too without the hero suffering from any physical or mental disorder). His storyline and characters are realistic with some good cast, crew and music as well but still the film fails to impress you…why?

This is a line that has good potential to be made on a greater canvas with much a dynamic and intense plot with a water tight screenplay. A half-hearted script with no strong conflict point, lackadaisical screenplay, forced songs and lack of wow factors does the damage for this supposed to be suspense thriller. The love track being out of the sync with the scam (the premise of the story) also adds to the misery. The story oscillates between being a love story and a potential suspense thriller. Except for the episodes before and after the interval, the film majorly lacks the quintessential impact – forget about the conventional aspects of entertainment!

However, the engaging act of Nithiin, the comic relief of Satyam Rajesh and the short run time of the film can help you kill the time.

- Performances of Nithiin, Satyam Rajesh, Asutosh Rana and others.
- Brief run time of the film.
- Few key scenes pre and post interval.
- Good music


- Flimsy screenplay and narration
- The romantic track and songs looked forced.


Karthik gives a refreshing album while Sandeep Chowta’s background score is sync with the mood of the film. But the songs looked forced in the engaging plot.


Nothing significant mention


With a good point, Courier Boy Kalyan turns out be a wasted opportunity and ends up being just a one-time watch film – definitely not the wholesome entertainer his fans would expect!

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